living with intention + joy


Who I am and why I'm here

I'm Kellie! I’ve been married for eight years and take care of my two kids full time! Pursuing my personal passions alongside of motherhood is where I have found a place of thriving - prioritizing family life and then allowing my creative life to fill in the gaps. As I take time to invest into my creative life I find that I am able to give more to those in my circle of influence. Filling up allows me to pour out! I am humbled to be entrusted with gifts that promote joy in the lives of others. 

I seek to live an intentional and joy-filled life and want to call others to the same. This kind of life is channeled from a generous God to undeserving people. Through this little corner of the internet, I aim to inspire you to live intentionally and with joy. I hope you're energized to pursue your own creative passions as you watch me pursue mine. There's a place for everyone.