My Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

I’m in the throes of new motherhood all over again and I while I’m fairly minimalistic about the baby gear I keep in our home, I do have some must-haves that I’m loving - some I’ve used with both babies and some are new products this time around! I hope this post is helpful as you embark on life with a new baby! Each person’s tastes and preferences are vastly different as are each baby’s needs, but I know I found value in looking at others’ lists when I was creating space for my first baby!

Hatch Baby (Sound Machine/Night Light/Time-to-Rise)

This might be my favorite new item we’ve received! A few months ago I was searching for an ok-to-wake device to keep in Kya’s room to help her stay in her room longer in the mornings. I realized that most good quality ok-to-wake clocks were $30-40 and just had that one feature. This Hatch Baby retails for $60 but is also a sound machine and a night light! Her sound machine had started to go so by the time we purchased a new sound machine and an ok-to-wake device, we’d probably be spending around the same amount as we would if we just got the Hatch Baby. We got it for her and have loved it! So we added it to our baby registry so we’d have one for Kip. A generous family member purchased it for us! My favorite part - I can control the devices from an app on my phone! You can set schedules and there are a wide variety of sounds and colors!

Moses Basket

I always wanted a Moses basket with Kya but could never find what I wanted. I came across a brand new Moses basket and stand on FB marketplace back when I was just eight weeks pregnant with Kip and I hopped on it! Such a good deal! I have absolutely loved having it this time, especially with a two-story house. I can tote Kip around the house with me quite easily! We also use it at night as his bassinet - we just set it on the stand and he sleeps next to my side of the bed. The products I’ve linked are the same or similar to what I have - I’m unsure of the exact brand since I purchased it on FB marketplace. You can find a similar basket here and a stand here.

SwaddleMe Swaddle

I used these swaddle sacks with Kya and I loved them so much that I got a fresh set for Kip! The size small are intended for babies up to 14 pounds and are my favorite way to swaddle in the early months! You can also use these to swaddle with arms out if your baby doesn’t like his/her arms inside. I did that with Kya after a couple of months and before transitioning her to a bigger sleep sack - worked great! These comes in loads of colors and patterns and as singles, two-packs, three-packs, and five-packs. I’m just linking one option!

Haakaa Pump

I wish I had owned this pump with my first baby. I had something similar but it didn’t work nearly as well! It’s called a pump but really it’s a milk catcher. You simply attach it to the opposite side you start feeding on and it saves all that let down milk! I catch anywhere between one and three ounces of milk each time I use it! I have quite a milk stash in my freezer already. I’m hopeful this means I won’t have to use my electric pump as often! For $13, it’s totally worth trying! Many, many of my mom friends also rave about this pump!

4Moms Rockaroo Swing

I registered for this swing before I had Kya! We used it a ton with her (up to about five months old) and have used it multiple times per day with Kip as well. I love that it looks pretty, is low profile, and doesn’t take up much floor space! Giant, ugly baby equipment drives me crazy. This is a wonderful option and a helpful item to have in those early months!

Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover

I never liked the car seat cover or nursing cover I had with my first baby. The reason I got them both is because they were free (just paid shipping). Not worth it! The car seat cover was too warm for the summer months and the nursing cover never stay put - she would pull it off all the time! I LOVE this Copper Pearl cover because it’s 360 degrees and is lightweight! I’ve already used it so much with Kip - makes covering his car seat a breeze and nursing in public so easy! I’m linking a pattern I love but it comes in many patterns and colors! Just search Amazon.

Ubbi Wipes Dispenser

My husband and I agree that this wipes dispenser has been such a lifesaver - wish we had it the first time! We used to use wipes right out of the packages last time and it got sort of tricky when trying to retrieve a wipe with one hand - didn’t work too well. This wipes dispenser with a weighted plate makes one-handed wipe grabbing so easy! And it looks sleek and minimalistic on top of Kip’s dresser!

Solly Baby Wrap

This is the only item on my list that I can’t have an affiliate link for but I just cannot help but share it! I used a different sort of wrap with Kya, but it was hot and cumbersome. The Solly Baby Wrap is a DREAM. It’s lightweight and easy to use! Kip loves to snuggle up in it! I use it to allow me to be hands free at the park or store and I’m sure in the coming weeks (when babies are typically fussy in the evenings) I’ll be wearing him at home. Their prints and colors are to die for and I feel like the price is on point for a product that you’ll use so much! I own the creamy gingham version!

Bamboo Changing Pad Liners

I owned a different brand of changing pad liners with my first and never liked the way they washed up. They were also pretty small. This brand has been amazing! They’re large, wash well, and are cushy and comfy! I use them over top of my decorative changing pad cover to avoid stains and frequent washing of the nicer cover. I lay baby on the liner and then I’m not worried about poop, pee, or spit up getting on it because I can just throw it in the wash! This pack of three is a must!

Evenflo Stroller System

I wasn’t certain I would need a double stroller option seeing as my kids are almost four years apart in age. BUT my daughter still loves riding in a stroller and I figured a double would get some use, especially at malls, zoos, etc.! I convinced my husband that we needed this one on Black Friday when it went on sale! He didn’t initially see the value in it but I assured him as the one who primarily cares for the kids, that we needed it. I’m thankful he deferred to my judgment on this because I’ve used it a lot already and baby is only three weeks old! It can be a single or a double and can be configured 22 different ways! It’s easy to take in and out of the car and I honestly love it so much. The price is perfect too!

This blog post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, I earn a small commission on what you purchase! But don’t worry , it doesn’t cost you anything extra! Thank you for reading + shopping here!